Case Name

ABInBev - Control de Plagas


Field data capture


The system named "Control de Plagas" was designed with a hybrid approach, meaning it is available for both Android and iOS or iPhone devices. In the creation of this system, the following technologies were employed: Angular, Node JS, and Firebase.

Work Team

Design and Ideation, frontend and backend development.

About the solution

Pest Control is a platform composed of two native IOS / Android apps, a management and reporting website, and a BackOffice to manage all content.

  • Control and follow up: Report and sightings of pests quickly from the cell phone. Tracking tickets and suppliers.
  • Multi-Platform Management: It allows supplier users, quality operator users and common plant users for sighting reports.
  • BackOffice web: It allows you to obtain reports, statistics and manage all profiles from the back office.
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