Case Mostaza

Mostaza Totem




For the Mostaza Totem system, Angular was chosen due to its significant advantages:

- Increased productivity and code consistency.

- Easy testing.

- Code reduction and good maintainability.

- High compatibility.

Work Team

Design and Ideation, frontend development, backend and mobile frontend.


  • - Implement Sales Automation process.
  • - Brand positioning against main competitors.
  • - Increase volume of orders by 20%.
  • - Reduce customer wait time by 35%.
  • - Reduce operational costs.

Team Composition

  • 2 Fullstack Devs
  • 1 Quality Assurance
  • 1 Project Manager


  • Customer waiting time reduced by 25%
  • Average ticket increased by 10%, thanks to more time and menu options available for customers
  • Promotions conversion rate increased by 10%
  • Accelerated User adoption exceeding original business plan
  • +400 Kiosks deployed: Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay
  • About the solution

    A web platform (Angular) was built and implemented in 4 months.

    Furthermore, a web admin for products, promotions, discounts and integration with the self-service platform was built, an integration was made with its legacy accounting system (ERP) and with the payment processing systems. Promotions and discounts with barcode and QR reading were implemented.

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