Case Temis Lostalo

Temis Lostalo




The system "Temis Lostalo" was designed to operate on the Android platform. The following technologies were utilized in the creation of this system: Angular and Ionic, Node JS y Google Cloud.

Work Team

Design and Ideation, frontend development, backend and mobile frontend


  • - Digitize laboratory products presentation.
  • - Completely eliminate the use of paper.
  • - Centralize the communication and objectives for the entire sales force in one place.
  • - Gather prescriptions data made by each professional.

Team Composition

  • 3 Mobile
  • 2 Fullstack Devs
  • 1 Quality Assurance
  • 1 Project Manager
  • 1 Business Analyst


  • Printing cost was reduced from 200K/year to almost $0.
  • Traceability on visits and actions for each Medical Sales Representative.
  • Show prescriptions traceability and amounts prescribed by each HCP vs. competition.
  • Visualize results of commercial actions in one place.
  • Quickly develop workaround plans to achieve sales goals.
  • About the solution

    Comprehensive platform for the management of Medical Sales Representatives. All the content sectioned by specialty is managed from the Web platform, with digital brochures and videos of the products. For visitors, an app for tablets with 100% offline use, where they can register visits, display the content and consume information on medical prescriptions in real time.


    Estructura de Arquitectura de Temis Lostalo

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